Raj Kohli Chief Superintendent MPS Aug 2020

“I first worked with Martin in 2008 and remember him as being one of those officers who took time to support and coach junior colleagues in an unassuming but very effective manner. For example, when I first arrived at Camden in 2008 the pass rate for officers applying for promotion was only 25%. I recognised that Martin had the skill set, patience and communication style to significantly improve this situation.

It did not come as a surprise to me when the pass rate increased but to achieve an 85% pass rate was so exceptional that he deservedly was presented a Borough Commander’s Commendation for commitment and dedication in preparing officers for promotion. I was particularly impressed with the work he did with under-represented groups – groups of colleagues that historically had felt unsupported in the promotion process.

Interestingly Martin was the tutor for my son when my son joined the MPS. My son told me how he (and his class mates) thought Martin was ‘the best teacher they could have’ – and he told me this before we both realised I knew Martin.

It is no surprise to me that Martin finds himself teaching in his post-police career – he is a complete natural and the successes I describe above are a testimony to this.”



“Martin has the reputation as the person to seek out if you want promotion. He helped me when I really needed it and made the difference that led to my promotion. His knowledge is second to none and I would advise anyone to contact him.”

Inspector Craig McGill MPS September 2020  


“The quality of teaching by Martin was brilliant and I would strongly recommend him as a tutor.  This allowed me to score a 92% in my final exam which I am really happy with.”

PC Mark Whiteley  MPS September 2020


“Martin is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. The way in which he delivered the course was outstanding and quite frankly he is the reason that I have managed to not only pass but also to achieve a high percentage in my final exam which I did not think I would be able to achieve.” 

PC Saskia Wilce MPS September 2020



“I would not have been able to pass if had not been for the valuable knowledge you provided. It’s one thing learning from textbooks and videos, but the first-hand tuition I received made all the difference. As a result, I got a respectable pass, better than I thought I would.”

PC Mick Windle MPS September 2020



“I found the online lectures and the live sessions with Martin most helpful”

PC Ted Johnson  MPS  August 2020



“I felt somewhat isolated and overwhelmed by everything.

I felt the zoom meeting with you when we went through examples were great and worked very well for my learning.”

PC Zachary Harris MPS August 2020



More testimonials

“The support I found most helpful was definitely Martins zoom calls”.

PC Syed Hoque  MPS August 2020


“Lectures from Martin I found were spot on.  Support groups helped a lot too”.

MPS PC August 2020


“I honestly don’t think I’d have been able to get through the course If I hadn’t had Martin as a trainer. He pushed us to work hard but never rushed us and made sure we fully understood a subject before moving forward. We had constant support and despite the limitations due to Covid-19 still made us feel like we were getting the same quality if not higher training than we would be pre Covid-19.  Thank you for the help Martin, I really appreciate the time you’ve spent teaching us.”

PC Sam Tate MPS September 2020


“Martin Edwards a dedicated trainer that genuinely wanted to help us pass CKP and also wanted to set us up for long fruitful careers as Police Officers was absolutely worlds apart from the beginning of the course”.

PC Marc Eagle MPS August 2020


“Lectures by the trainer were great. We created a WhatsApp group and this was very helpful. We were chucking around ideas and opinions.”

PC Steve Humphrey  MPS August 2020


“My experience with you and with the online training were excellent and I am very grateful that I have met you and that you were my trainer.”

PC Ewelina Grygutis MPS August 2020


“The best method of learning was when Martin would teach us instead of the videos. I found it easy to zone out of videos and found Martins way of contextualising the information much better.

The support of you Martin is what got me through the course”

PC Joe Gumbley MPS August 2020


“I was part of a large study group who helped support one another academically and to keep everyone motivated”

PC Piers Thomas MPS  August 2020


“Martin’s sessions were brilliant as he linked his own experiences with the legislation which gave me a much better perspective as well as discussing scenarios”.

PC Leo Johnson  MPS August 2020


“Martin’s guidance was the most helpful during the last 2 months, also his attitude.”

PC Chetan Jha MPS August 2020


“Thank you, Martin, you’ve been fantastic. It’s your abilities as a teacher that definitely helped me (sure I speak for others also) achieved such great results. Thank you very much!”

PC Zachary Harris MPS June 2020


“I felt unguided and lost until Martin took over”

MPS PC July 2020


“Thank you again for your knowledge and support during CKP, I truly mean this but I don’t think I could have passed the course with you as my tutor. Also, every exam I went into all I heard was you saying “read the……….”

PC Andy Fenwick MPS  June 2020


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Your support and patience have been so brilliant”

PC Evie Griffin MPS June 2020


“Thank you for all your help, guidance and support throughout the CKP. I initially struggled with the course but found your help and support has really helped me push through and pass the exam! I  feel much more confident going forward because of your inspiring words. “

PC James Harvey MPS June 2020


“OMG it still hasn’t sunk in, I actually can’t believe it. I was ready to throw the towel in on week 2, and now I’m walking on air.

Thank you, Martin you have been wonderful, and made it an enjoyable experience and made it all simple, so I could understand.”

PC Wendy Harrison Barrow MPS June 20


“I am so glad we had such a dedicated and passionate tutor. Knowing is one thing, but being able to teach is another, and you’ve done a brilliant job in sharing knowledge in a really engaging way.”

PC Jordan Hoyte MPS June 2020


“Thanks so much for this, and thank you so much for all your help.

You have been instrumental in our success and I’m glad we delivered.”

PC Louise Johnson MPS June 2020


“Thank you so much for all your help during the whole course, it really has been brilliant to learn from you and to listen to the untold amount of knowledge, experience and stories you have. My own and the classes success is testimony to you.”

PC Jordan Hall MPS June 2020


“Martin was a great teacher, he kept us entertained and focused throughout. There was no waste of time. He conducted great revision sessions which were very helpful.”

PC MPS August 2019


“I wish Martin taught me from the start. I would feel much more confident in knowledge.”

PC MPS August 2019


“Towards the end of the course Martin taught us, which was massively beneficial. He had a vast amount of knowledge to share.”

PC MPS August 2019


“Martin Edwards, a great tutor, very interactive, and had good knowledge of the subjects. Good humour and made me feel valued and respected.”

PC MPS August 2019


“I feel as if my knowledge and understanding started to grow once Martin started taking lessons. Martin approach to teaching benefited my style of learning personally and it was only then that my confidence started to grow”.

PC MPS August 2019


“Martin was great and friendly. He is a great teacher and taught subjects well”.

PC MPS August 2019


“Martin has been a brilliant trainer. He made the course very enjoyable and his style of teaching was very engaging. I wish we had Martin from the start.”

PC MPS August 2019


“Martin was brilliant and very engaging with the class. A very good teacher. 10/10 would recommend. Wish we had him from the start.”

PC MPS August 2019


“I personally feel I enjoyed Martins style of teaching and things seemed to click and make sense when he joined.”

PC MPS August 2019


“Martins experience and the way he uses it to teach is invaluable.”

PC MPS August 2019


“Martin helped me achieve a passing grade”

PC MPS August 2019