I am a teacher specialising in helping police officers pass their promotion and investigators exams. I served for 30 years in the Metropolitan Police Service, attaining the rank of Inspector. I know what it is like to study Blackstone’s Police Manuals for months and sit down with hundreds of others to answer 150 multiple-choice questions in 3 hours. Many people complain that multiple-choice questions trip them up. “They test what you don’t know, not what you do know” are words I have heard countless times. I get it. I said the same thing. I decided to learn about different learning styles and multiple-choice question exam techniques, to  prepare me for the exam. I applied what I learnt and scored higher than 99.1% of the rest of the Country in my Inspectors OSPRE Part 1 exam.

I don’t claim to be cleverer than the next person. What I do claim is, I know how to learn and I know how to manage a multiple-choice question exam. I also know you need some support along the way.

Like most people, I was never taught how to learn at school.  No one asked what learning style met my individual needs. I would not have even known what they meant by that question. All I knew was “read books and take notes”. Simple! Not very effective though if you are a visual learner. I suspect if you are still reading this you may recognise yourself.    

 A short story

Whilst enjoying a few beers with a friend, I was introduced to a relation of a world leading memory expert. One of those amazing people that can memorise a pack of cards in minutes. We got talking and he told me his uncle had  taught him various memory techniques. He boasted he had learnt the content of all four Sergeants OSPRE Part 1 manuals in two weeks and could help me memorise any piece of legislation in a matter of minutes. Within minutes I had memorised a complex piece of counterfeiting legislation. I was astounded.  This chance encounter drove me to research more innovative ways to learn and memorise things. 

I have spent 2 decades acquiring knowledge of learning styles and techniques.  I have also developed a wealth of knowledge on multiple-choice exam technique.

Feeding back hundreds of multiple-choice exam papers to officers and students over the years has enabled me to identify the many pitfalls people fall into, which result in their failure.
Most importantly, I now know how to avoid those pitfalls.



I founded Police Exam Success 4U to share my knowledge and support you to pass your Sergeants or Inspectors National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) Step 2 Legal Examination (OSPRE Part 1) or the National Investigators Exam (NIE). I recognise the value of peer and ongoing support from me, so I provide everyone who invests in one of my Gold workshops with free access to my fortnightly drop-in clinics on zoom for ongoing support and the opportunity of networking with colleagues.

I have been training and assessing Police Constables, Sergeants and Inspectors in every stage of the various promotion processes for the last 20 years.  I thought I would share some of my experiences and achievements to help you decide whether I am the right person to help you.

Borough Commanders Commendation for commitment and dedication in preparing officers for promotion.

2020 International Police Education Conference.  I am the lead on how Covid-19 has impacted police education Internationally and in the UK.

Author of Policing in the time of the pandemic: How Covid-19 changed police education. (Policing insight October 2020)

I created and delivered promotion workshops which increased the promotion success rate from 25% to 85% on my Borough. Due to the success of and demand for these workshops I extended them across numerous Metropolitan Police Service Departments and Boroughs.    

Certificate of Knowledge in Policing trainer with 98% success rate.  

National OSPRE Part 2 assessor

College of Policing team member developing OSPRE Part 2 assessment centres

Member of Metropolitan Police Service Central Promotion Panels

Member of Metropolitan Police Service Borough Local Promotion Panels

Assessor for the Sergeant and Inspectors Work Based Assessment stage of the promotion process (NPPF step 4) from 2018 to 2020.

International Police Trainer.  I was seconded overseas for 1 year as a representative of the British Police Service.

Competency based evidence application advisor, mentor and coach

Police Foundation Course trainer

Experienced multiple-choice question writer

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training 

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement      

I offer a unique personal service, training and empowering you to pass police exams, so you can progress your career and get on with your life.