The Police Sergeants NPPF step 2 legal exam, the old OSPRE Part 1 is only 2 days away now. Most people would say that’s not much time to take any action to make you feel more confident and improve your chances of success.  The old adage of “If you don’t know it now, you will never know it” is often banded around study circles in the police.  All that said, I do not agree. You can make a significant impact on your ability to improve your chances of passing this Sergeants exam if you read on.

If you have looked over the content of Police Exam Success 4U you will know that I strongly believe multiple choice exam technique is a crucial element of whether or not you succeed. Over many years I have seen so many candidates fail, despite a wealth of studying and excellent knowledge. Their failure can be attributed to poor exam technique and falling into the numerous traps multiple-choice exams present. It is demoralising and impacts on your personal and professional life, with many officers refusing to take the exam again.

So, how can you make the last 48 hours count. My advice is learn about exam technique and avoid the pitfalls and errors candidates make. On Tuesday, sit down at your desk at home, turn that computer on, wait for the exam to load, and be confident in your ability to pass.  I teach exam technique. Have a look at my silver workshop content. The advice and guidance I can give you will make the difference. It has made the difference to so many of your colleagues before.

I have set the next 2 days aside to make myself available to help anyone that contacts me. I can arrange a session with you at short notice or a phone call if you would prefer.   Have a look at my background and testimonials to help your decision.

Good luck to everyone and please contact me if you need help.