The Sergeants OSPRE Part 1, or as we call it now, the Police Sergeants National Police Promotions Framework Step 2 Legal Examination, was taken a couple of weeks ago.  You may have been a candidate for that exam or the Inspectors exam or NIE exam which come later this year.  I have no doubt the usual post mortems will take place after the Sergeants exam. “What did you answer to that question?” “Did you study enough?” and the list goes on.  I have been part of those discussions and trust me when I tell you, they are not healthy discussions and only make you feel worse about what you have just been through.  That said, some honest self-reflection is healthy.  This will be very useful if you are unsuccessful when the results are announced.  Why? Because you can improve and change your approach for when you re-sit the exam. Some of my colleagues have refused to take the exam again, which I feel is a waste.  If you were to be told you are sitting an exam and it’s very important for your career and future, and it’s one you have already done a shed load of work for before you even start studying for it………. Would you feel in a strong position?  Yes, you would. So, look at it from that perspective.  Turn your disappointment into a motivation as you already have a great head start.  Add to that what I can do to help you and you are on the road to success.  I can teach you how to study, provide a timetable and teach you exam technique.  Have a read through my website and see what you think.  Whether you will be re-sitting the Sergeants exam or taking the Inspectors exam or NIE exam, my workshops can help you achieve success.  Feel free to contact me and discuss your needs. Martin