As the 2022 Police Sergeants and Inspectors National Police Promotions Framework Step 2 Legal examination and National Investigators examinations approach us, I thought I would post this blog.

The NPPF Sergeants exam, which is the same as the old OSPRE Part 1 is scheduled to be held between Tuesday 8th March and Thursday 10th March 2022.

The Inspectors is scheduled to held between Tuesday 4th October and Thursday 6th October 2022.

The 2022 National Investigators Exams are listed for; Tuesday 1st March, Tuesday 7th June, Tuesday 6th September and Tuesday 29th November.

As always, the examination dates seem a distant objective, which arrive far quicker than expected. So, now is the time to start your preparation.

The continued Covid-19 situation will no doubt impacted on your studying in a number of ways and all our lives are far more stressful, which is not conducive to trying to learn the wealth of material you need to know to pass the exams.

The good news all of these dates are far enough away for you to benefit from Gold workshop, where in essence I teach you how to study and manage the multiple choice examination.

I also offer the Silver workshop to help you pass. These workshops focus on multiple-choice exam technique. This is essential and helps you apply your knowledge and understanding without falling into the various traps that cause so many to fail.  I have numerous tips and guidance based on my experience of training colleagues and helping them achieve success.  This will increase your confidence, reduce your stress levels and enable you to progress your careers.

Good luck and hope to see you on one of my workshops.